With Hidro-Tech you can be confident of receiving the best water treatment option for your family and home. As water treatment specialists we will assess, advise and provide the ideal solution to meet your unique needs, whether with Reverse Osmosis or CapDI technology.


Our range of water treatment solutions are ideal for the following in-home applications:

Water Softening

The removal of excess minerals (like calcium and magnesium) to ensure safe and potable water.


The process of filtering out unwanted particles and contaminates from a water supply.

In-Home Benefits

Enjoy a range of tangible, tasty benefits.

Healthy and Tasty Water

Enjoy flavourful, healthy drinking water, free of chemicals and bacteria, but still retaining natural minerals.

Save on Maintenance Costs

With low-maintenance solutions.

Decrease Energy Consumption

Using as little as 0,6kWh per litre.

Peace of Mind

Backed by the technical expertise, experience and local resources of the Hidro-Tech team.

Water Treatment Technology

As sole providers of Voltea in the country, our customers enjoy access to this superior technology, backed by our local footprint, resources and 37 years of experience.

Trusted by a Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Water Treatment Plant for Leading Pharmaceuticals

Through the use of technology developed by US-based Voltea, Hidro-Tech built a solution that treats borehole water for a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.

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