Ensure that your unique application benefits from industry leading technology  (Reverse Osmosis or CapDI) and the knowledge of our water treatment specialists, all backed by 37 years of experience.


Our range of water treatment solutions are ideal for the following industrial and light-commercial applications:


Removal of salts and minerals from seawater, mine water or brackish water.

Industrial Effluent

Treat wastewater produced as a by-product of industrial activities so that it can be reused or discharged.

Cooling Water Treatment

Remove impurities in water fed to cooling towers for optimal performance.

Water Sanitation and Filtration

Water treatment to remove impurities or excess minerals.

Food Processing Water Sanitation

Treat the water used in your food production processes, ensuring quality output and compliance with industry standards. 

Voltea Technology
for Desalination

As sole providers of Voltea in the country, our customers enjoy access to this superior technology, backed by our local footprint, resources and 37 years of experience.

Industrial Benefits
of Voltea Technology

Enjoy a range of tangible benefits unparalleled by alternative water treatment solutions.


Enjoy water recovery rates of 70 – 80% and reliable TDS levels, regardless of fluctuations in inlet water.

Ease of Use

Effortlessly adjust TDS levels, without any need for remineralisation.

Save on Maintenance Costs

  • No anti-scaling required
  • Only replace membranes every 5 years (not 18 months like RO

Decrease Energy Consumption

Using 0,6kWh per litre, rather than 1,6 – 1.8kWh required by RO.

A Solution that Grows with You

With its modular design, your installation can grow as your requirements expand.

Peace of Mind

Backed by the technical expertise, experience and local resources of the Hidro-Tech team.

Trusted by a Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Water Treatment Plant for Leading Pharmaceuticals

Through the use of technology developed by US-based Voltea, Hidro-Tech built a solution that treats borehole water for a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.

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