Some of
our Projects

Pump as Turbine System
for Drakenstein Municipality

This pump-as-turbine (PAT) station is the first of its kind in South Africa. The installation at Leliefontein uniquely uses the same set of pumps to pump water and generate electricity by reversing flow through the pumps.

It’s goal is to increase the supply of potable water to Wellington to 60Ml/day. It has also achieved 320MWh in annual generation and delivered 44 days of free pumping. This project won “The Most Outstanding Project in Water Engineering” award at the SAICE.

Mahatma Ghandi
Sewer Pump Station

This project took place at Durban Harbour, one of the busiest ports in Africa. It was an ambitious initiative to relocate the sewer pump station at Mahatma Gandhi Road, in order to accommodate widening of the the harbour.

The project reached completion after three years of industry-leading innovations and world-class project management, and has since won multiple awards.

Water Treatment Plant
for Leading Pharmaceuticals

Through the use of technology developed by US-based Voltea, Hidro-Tech built a solution that treats borehole water for a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.

The aim is to not only alleviate the customer’s dependence on the municipal water supply for its daily operations, but also provide other benefits, including high recovery, reduced chemical and energy consumption, and minimal maintenance, compared with traditional reverse osmosis plants.

The water treatment plant has an impressive capacity of 1000 m3/day.

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